Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekly Meal Planning Guides

Today's post is learning how to meal plan for each week. For me, it is one of the most helpful things I have done for reaching my weight loss goals. I am not lost each day wondering what I am going to cook or eat for each meal. Or, tempted to just eat whatever is readily available. Although, since my diet change to AIP Paleo I am not as tempted to eat random things anymore.

I used to think I was pretty good at this without writing it down. But, I was wrong. Since I have been planning out the week I am seeing more and more progress in my health and fitness goals. Below are the two guides I use each week for shopping and cooking.

This guide is for planning your shopping trips. It is grouped by foods and other sections of the store you might need. It also has a weekly meal section so you can remember what food are needed in certain recipes during the week.

Weekly Shopping Guide printable

Here is the link to the printable version: Weekly Shopping Guide

The other guide I use is a full weekly menu planner for all three meals. Just think you only have to plan out 21 meals each week. And I know for myself and my family we have favorite meals that can be repeated on different days of the week. So, if you have a favorite breakfast or lunch don't be afraid to repeat it.

Weekly Menu Planner printable

Here is the link to the printable version: Weekly Menu Planner

I will post some examples of what I am eating weekly on the Paleo Diet soon. In the meantime, start planning your week and what you eat! It will help you stay on track and reach your health and weight loss goals. When you plan your food out, you are more likely to stay on track and not eat things outside your diet.

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