Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Hello fellow bloggers and blog readers. I have some updates since the end of  November and the beginning of December.  I started Les Mills Pump and it was going extremely well!! I was only 10 days in and I was seeing amazing results. But, I am still nursing and my supply dropped to nothing so I unfortunately had to stop for now. We have struggled quite a bit since our son was born with nursing so I don't want to see my goals lost here so close to the end.

I returned to light workouts since I only have 35 days until I stop nursing. I really want to be in shape but I want to meet my goals of nursing our son even more. I am so close so until then I will post about other topics and I will return to Les Mills Pump at the end of January. It really is a great program for getting in shape and I think it will help me get to my first weight loss goals.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Les Mills Pump Week 1



Greetings and I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. It was enjoyable to seeing our son enjoy Turkey and vegetables for the first time. I tried not to overindulge on holiday treats but, I still feel the need to get back on a 30 to 60 day program and not let the holidays start old habits in unhealthy eating.

So, I was pretty excited to see my Les Mills Pump workout kit had arrived when I got home yesterday. I decided since it was Monday December 1st I would get my barbell put together and workout to the first program. I am going to commit to 60 Days for this program because it will be a new series and it will be fresh and new for me.

The kit I received includes 7 workouts, 2 each of 5 and 10 pound barbell weights, padded barbell, two clips, and the nutrition guide.

The barbell and weights were easy to assemble and are a good quality padded barbell.

The first workout is an introductory workout and is only 20 minutes long. But, it is not short on quality. I must say I had to take a break on two exercises and did not complete the full repetitions and that made me feel pretty good that this series will be challenging.  The workout goes through squats, chest, shoulders, and arm exercises. They teach you the correct way to row and pickup and put down the barbell.

Today was a rest day but I actually felt pretty good so I decided to complete a pilates workout today.

I have taken my before measurements and I will post those shortly. This Pump series should help provide strength that I need in my arms and back. I look forward to posting my full review as we go along.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Beachbody Black Friday Sale!!

Beach body black friday sale 2014

Beachbody Black Friday is here!

Are you ready for the holidays and staying in shape?! I am super excited about helping others get fit this Holiday Season and what better way to start it off than information with Beachbody's Black Friday Sale. From November 25th to December 2nd (or while supplies last) you can take advantage of great sale prices on great workout sets and gear. I just ordered Les Mills Pump and Combat and I can't wait to start one in the next week or so. I will definitely post reviews for you which I am excited to share. Nothing like a super discount to get you pumped up!!!

If you have any questions let me help you find your perfect year end/new years workout!

Follow this link to check them out: Beachbody Black Friday Sale!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Must have items for your daily workout

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday. Work has been crazy today and I am actually looking forward to my workout this evening. It seems to help with my daily stress when I make it a priority to workout. Now that I'm trying to build daily good habits I find certain workout clothes, shoes, and gear that I really enjoy. I wanted to share them with you.

Shoes- Everyone loves comfortable shoes and I have found a pair that works great for me. They are Asics Gel Kayana 7's. After owning Reebok, Nike, and Adidas shoes in the past I tried a pair of Asics a few years ago and they just didn't do it for me in comfort and support. But, I must say that the Kayana version is wonderful with great arch and heel support and comfort with just the right amount of support and gel. Check them out because I see lots of super deals on pricing as I looked them up today.

 Workout clothing and gear- Champion brand has become my go to gear for comfort and mobility during my workouts. These capri pants make any workout seem possible.

Champion capri workout pants

Also, their sports bras are quite comfortable and usually on sale when you buy 2 or more.

Champion sports bra

C9 by Champion® Women's Plus-Size Seamless Racer Sports Bra Pink 4X

I have to drink a lot of water daily and I get tired of filling my water bottle up multiple times a day AND trying to remember how many bottles or cups I have had a day. This water bottle is great because I can' usually drink two a day and I have my daily water amount. I like that the lid has two different options for drinking also.
 Nalgene Combo 48 oz GREY Silo Tritan Wide Mouth Hydration Bottle with Blue Ca...
 48oz water bottle

And one last final item I can't live without are weighted hand gloves.  I have two sets and they actually came with certain workout programs. But, this set on Amazon are close to the same design for comfort and not awkward to wear while working out.

 Weighted hand gloves

I hope this gives you some ideas for items to make your workouts easier and more comfortable. Plus, we are nearing closer to Christmas and workout gear is always great to add to your want list.

If you have a workout item you can't live without pleas post and share with us!

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