Tuesday, August 26, 2014

PiYo Results Day 1 to Day 60

Piyo Workout Results

I can finally announce and show my 60 day results on the PiYo Program. When I started this program I wasn't really sure where it would take me I just knew I love Yoga and Pilates workouts. This program has made me enjoy working out again. It has boosted my confidence without being difficult to complete. In the beginning I thought this is too easy I'm not sweating or my muscles don't hurt like other workouts. But, that is the best thing about PiYo, It builds you up slowly and helps you master the moves and then you start to sculpt your body slowly each week as the program becomes harder. I started as an out of shape new mother looking to gain confidence in her workouts. I found that and more.

I can complete workouts that I always thought were unachievable for me: push-ups, burpees, and completing side planks again. I still have to master PiYo pikes but I know its possible now.

Piyo Day 1 to Day 60 Results

PiYo Results Day 1 to Day 60 Side 

PiYo Before and After

Day 1 to Day 60 Back

PiYo Before and After
I hope you have enjoyed my journey doing the PiYo workout. I have enjoyed sharing it with you. I hope I can inspire others to strive for what they want to accomplish and make it happen!

Are you looking for someone to help you stay motivated while completing your Piyo workouts? Already have a copy but need extra motivation? Feel free to send me a message.

Interested in purchasing a copy of either program? Let me know if you need further help picking a program.

Final Measurements
Waist 46 1/2" to 39"
Chest 45" to 44"
Arms: no change but more muscle now
Left Thigh: 29" to 24"
Right Thigh 28" to 24"
Weight 225  Total weight loss 9 pounds


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